Year 9 Day 350

The effectiveness of the faction Kagada Corporation grew and took a favorable position in the spaceship market.
Currently, we have an excellent market share, occupying a high position in the ranking of spaceship manufactures.
The reason of this success is the level of professionalism that Kagada imposes on your business. But we would not have come so far without the trust that our customers have given us.
Thanks to all those who believe in our work

New website

Year 9 Day 274

A new website provided by our IT team is online. This new layout will give us more style and will allow us to create web-based systems to improve our business.

The sections are the same. We have one page to speak about our organization, other to speak about our history, then a new page for our services (that will include our products too), a page to show our staff, one page to show the contact info and other to show instructions on how to join us. A new feature was added to the services page, where a customer will can request an order of products/services and will can track your order in the site too.

Kagada Corporation splits your capital

Year 9 Day 253

With four months of operation, Kagada Corporation have splited your capital in 2 per 1. The success on the ship sales and space station building are the responsible by this increase in the capital.

The company is growing and our managers are applying new administration techniques to improve our business. An example is the improvement in the RM logistics using a web-bases system to manage all the RM stock in an integration with the Combine RM Inventory.

The improvement doesn't stops here. We are developing a new website and new web-based systems. The next feature will be an orders management system, that will allow our customers to request and track your orders in the website.