About Us

Founded in Year 9 Day 133, Kagada Corporation is a shipbuilding company that offers services and products to the public. Kagada is a very responsible ship manufacturing.

Our mission is to provide the galaxy with many types of ships focusing in the quality and satisfaction, using the most recent tecnologies of production. Our base is located in Tarcalibold, a planet of the Anoat System.

Kagada is currently working in all types of ship production, from capitals to fighters. Actually, we can accept orders to build Bulk Freghters, YV-666, Action VI, W-23, Y-Wings and Gallofrees. We also produce Escape Pods.

Kagada build stations too, like Trading I, all shipyards and space colonies. With the recent expansion project, Kagada will improve the production of fighters. As services, we offer free delivery for the products. There is a plan to provide production slots rental, where you will can rent a station or a factory to produce anything you want, buying materials from Kagada or using your own materials. Also, we are doing a study to provide financial and educational services to the public and other factions.